About Siqma

About Siqma

Siqma is a kind assistant, helping you to have the tools and facilities by your hand, in order to feed your ideas! For years, we have been working hard to satisfy our customers by developing Siqma as platform to make electronic and robotic components easier to access than ever.

Siqma loves new technologies and always tries to find the bests for his clients. Siqma is made by thoughts, affords and intelligence of people who wanted to make something worthy. Siqma loves Robotics, Electronics, Arduino, Mechatronics, Raspberry Pi, IoT, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, DIY Projects,Development Boards, Innovation and Creativity, and if you are similar minded, Siqma loves you too! Siqma truly believes that a great idea is not always sophisticated and strange. Simple ideas are capable of making big changes and we want to be a part of those changes that make the world a better place for human beings, so go ahead! Siqma is at your service!

Idea Logistics

Supplying facilities to convert your ideas into prototypes

Fast Delivery Network

Fast worldwide delivery by a wide range of couriers

Specialist Staffs

Pre-purchase consultation and after sales support

User Friendly

Simple proccess and easy ordering, Chears!